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11.13 Web Series ENGLISH SUBS


Please note: the web serie is not available for streaming at the time being, sorry for the inconvenience. For more information and requests please contact cooperazionediritti@comune.bologna.it



TOULOSE, November 13th 2015 In an intercultural centre, Baba and his friends are looking forward to watch the football match between France and Germany. Playing with the ball, Baba accidentally hits the TV antenna. To everyone's surprise, he manages to fix it, but he'll find out that reality is much harder than a football match.


El hijo de Fàtima

SEVILLE - November 13th 2015 Fatima arrived to Sevilla from Morocco to in order to get together with her son, but inexplicably no one wants to tell her where he is. But a mother's love has no limits...


Anna & Bassam

RIGA, November 13th, 2015 A Pakistan boy named Bassam finally manages to spend a delightful afternoon with Anna, the Latvian girl he is in love with. She seems to like him, but the news of the terrorist attack to the Bataclan in Paris, will give him doubts about it.


What God Wants

HAMBURG, November 13th 2015 Salah, a boy of Arab origin, wandering the streets of Hamburg, runs into a bum who is begging for alms. The quarrel born between the two will be an opportunity to bring worlds apparently very distant from each other.


Hoje Não

LISBON – November 13th 2015 After a long travel, Miller comes back in the Angolan ghetto in which he has always lived. In his old house something mysteriously disappeared. Miller thinks this is the umpteenth offense of a difficult neighbor-hood life, but he's wrong.



BOLOGNA, November 13th 2015 A family is travelling by car in an isolated country and has no place to go. It is so cold that during the night the father forces the gate of an empty house to find a shelter