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Training for Civil Servants in Bologna


The University of Bologna, in cooperation with the City of Bologna, organised the first of a number of training meetings on the human rights based approach, targeting civil servants. The training is organised in 12 weekly meetings, adding up to 56 hours of classes and participated activities. The training is roughly divided into 2 main blocks: a theoretic introduction and a workshop.


During the first part of the course, participants will receive basic notions on human rights, the human rights based approach, indicators to assess their implementation and tools to enhance them. The training will mainly focus on three specific human rights: welfare, participation and non-discrimination. During the second part, participants will be guided in the creation of an operative tool (a policy document or a local action plan) that can guide that can have a practical effect on the activity of the local administration, in terms of enhancing its promotion and respect of human rights.


Participants in the training are 32 civil servants from the Municipality of Bologna, Region Emilia-Romagna, the Metropolitan administration, dell'ASP città di Bologna and the local Healthcare Administration.