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Training for teachers in Bologna




The Municipality of Bologna and the University of Bologna, in cooperation with Fondazione Marino Golinelli, organised the training for teachers that took place from 5th to 12th September. The intensive course was a pilot activity of the AMITIE CODE project, aiming at providing information, skills and competencies on development, human rights and migration.




The idea of the training sparked from the awareness that these issues are often perceived as irrelevant in scientific matters. Therefore, training usually focuses on literature, history os social sciences teachers. AMITIE CODE aimed at targeting also teachers from scientific subjects, with an innovative integrated approach, in order to give them an understanding of how migration, development and human rights are actually connected to what they teach and to encourage them to deal with them during their curricular classes.


The second fundamental aim was providing teachers with the necessary tools to translate what they learnt during the   training into didactics that they can use with their pupils. Therefore, besides frontal classes, the training activity was structured on participative workshops, where teachers were divided into small groups, depending on the subjects they teach. Each group was asked to elaborate the contents  emerged during the frontal classes into a specific didactic module that participants can experiment with their pupils.





A field trip was also roganised, taking participants to Scuola di Pace di Montesole, a centre for the education on peaceful conflict management and anti-discrimination.

The training involved a total of 60 teachers from different cities of Emilia-Romagna